About Us

Welcome to Southern Swank Wholesale! We are from Oklahoma and have a boutique business, so we understand the need to have low minimums and quick shipping.  We opened our boutique in April 2016 after many years of selling at market shows and having vendor booths. 

In 2019, we started wholesaling our graphic tees taking the plunge and investing in a top notch direct to garment printer.  Wow, what game changer!  This year, my husband joined the team, so we invested in new screen-printing equipment and added another direct to garment printer!  Wow, another game changer for us!  

My daughter, Tandie has taken our wholesale business to a new level!  Many times, you may think you are working with me, but she is the person behind the computer pushing out new designs and ensuring everyone’s order is correct and shipped out! 

Our wholesale business is growing but we will never go back on our original goal and that is to continue to offer great customer service!  We are so excited to work with so many boutique owners just like us.   In the boutique industry, it is an everyday hustle and we want to help you continue to grow your business!

Much Love,